Traditional Country

“Half A Mind” by Ron Williams

(a Roger Miller classic)

“I Love You A Thousand Ways” by Augie Meyers

(with some old-timey non-pedal steel guitar)

“One Less Honky Tonk” by Pauline Reese

“The Door” by Jerry Maynard

“Invitation To The Blues” by Christine Mims

“Old Story” by Pauline Reese

(featuring some great guitar by Redd Volkaert)

“Mama’s Opry” by Sunny Sweeney

(folky-bluegrass style with dobro)

“I Never Go Around Mirrors” by Jerry Maynard

“Not A Dry Eye In The House” by Dallas Wayne

“Night Life” by Pauline Reese

(jazzy style using C6 tuning)

“Step By Step” by John Lilly

“Window Up Above” by Jamie Richards

“Something Borrowed” by Brennen Leigh

(up-tempo bluegrass-style dobro)

“Oh No Not Another One” by Doug Sahm

“You Win Again” by Brennen Leigh

(more non-pedal steel)

Contemporary Country

“Skip That Stone” by Stephen Chadwick

(with overdriven lap steel

“The Last Time ‘Til The Next Time” by Jamie Richards

“Anybody’s Angel” by Christine Mims

(with pedal steel guitar and some David Lindley-style lap steel)

“What Goodbye Does” by Stephen Chadwick with Sunny Sweeney

“Chicken Pluckin'” by Jason Allen

(up-tempo train beat. More great guitar from Redd Volkaert and Randy Cornor)

“I Took The Torch” by Jennifer Weatherly

(with pedal steel and some lap steel guitar)

“Let’s Do This Thing” by Stephen Chadwick

“Sky Blue” by Camille Sanders

Alternative Country and Americana

“The Box” by Brennen Leigh with Jim Lauderdale

“Julia” by Mando Saenz

(note the 3-part steel guitar “pad choir” after the violin solo)

“Messin’ Around” by Stephen Chadwick

“Costin’ To Stay In Austin” by Jason Allen

“Peeling My Label” by Kina Lankford

(rockabilly-style steel guitar)

“Your Love Is A 4-Letter Word” by Kina Lankford

“All I Own” by Mando Saenz

(Dylan-esque ballad with some steel guitar color)

“Watertown” by Mando Saenz

“When I Come” Around by Mando Saenz

(lap steel as well as pedal steel)

“Ten Years Pass” by Sunny Sweeney

(lap steel guitar)

“Birds” by Chris Pfeiffer

(steel guitar played with an eBow)

“Egg Song” by Mando Saenz (featuring the dobro)

(featuring the dobro)

“Copenhagen Kisses” by Kina Lankford

(uptempo with some great accordion work by Joel Guzman)

“Noble Kings” by Mando Saenz

(atmospheric steel guitar pads and lap steel guitar swells)

“Engine Roll” by Mando Saenz

(more dobro)

“Yonder Voices” by Mando Saenz.

(vocal, acoustic guitar, and steel guitar)

“Shiver Of Lonesome” by Jennifer Weatherly

Rock and Alt-Rock

“Hard Rain” by Darryl Lee Rush

“The Twilight Zone” by Jason Allen

(with lots of eerie “eBow steel”)

“Deep Blue” by Bobby Earthman

“Lost Hearts” by The Rusty Brothers

“The Marriage” by Lise Liddell

(Some “spooky” lap steel…)

“Welcome To The Wasteland” by Clay Blaker

“I Can’t Let You Go” by Jason Allen

“Full Circle” by Lise Liddell

“Shadows In The Dark” by Lise Liddell

“I Never Knew I Could Feel This Way” by Clay Blaker

“Lover’s Moon” by Lise Liddell

“Rock Me Away” by Lise Liddell


“All Dressed Up” by Dallas Wayne

“Pawn Shop Rodeo Buckle” by Pauline Reese

(more great guitar work by Redd Volkeart)

“All Over Me” by Gary P. Nunn

“Love Me” by Desiree Spencer

(torchy ballad)

“Between These Lines” by Jamie Richards

“A Little Bit Different” by Pauline Reese

(old-timey style)

“Big Hat, No Cattle” by Bill Kirchen

“Joe Knows” by Gary P. Nunn

(light swing style)

Christian and Gospel

“How Great Thou Art” by Jarrett Akers

“The Old Rugged Cross” by Tommy Detamore


“Family Bible” by Jarrett Akers

“How Did God Feel?” by Robin Lees

“I Believe” by Jarrett Akers